Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tested times four

Yesterday morning started with a visit to the MVD office in Casa Grande so that both of my boys could get their learners permits. After that, I had to take four tests myself.

1. Drug Test – Waiting for the results, but sure I passed.
2. CDL Skills Test – Pre-Trip and Backing Skills – Passed
3. CDL Road Test – Passed
4. HazMat Endorsement – I could not take this until the background check was completed and I had received my CDL license. You can’t get the HazMat endorsement on a permit. – Passed

So, four down. Once the company gets the drug test results back, hopefully they offer me a position and I can start driving again. I am getting excited now!

Monday, April 26, 2021

The start of something new…hopefully.

Well, this afternoon I have an appointment set for my CDL Road Skills test out at the Goodyear MVD office. I’ve spent a few hours driving in circles and practicing my backing and shifting, so hopefully I remember enough to make it through this successfully.

My biggest concern is forgetting to point out something on the Pre-Trip.

And then when I pass that, I get to take my HazMat endorsement test. My fingerprint clearance has already come back from DHS.